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Email your recipe to us at is now accepting recipe submissions for Volume Two (Pacific Coast) and Three (New England) of our Golf a la Carte: Recipes from America’s Finest Clubs series. This information is designed to help submitting chefs understand the basic formats we require and help speed the production of the book.

Any public or private golf facility with restaurants in these two regions may submit as many recipes as desired.

We wish to provide the buyers of this cookbook with your “signature” dishes. For private clubs, this may be a dish that is often requested by the members. For resorts or public golf facilities, it may be a regular menu item, or a special dish. We encourage multiple submissions, so by all means send us all your best dishes!
Our cookbooks have separate chapters for recipes including: Breakfast, Lunch, Appetizers, Soups and Stews, Sauces and Sides, Entrees (with subcategories of Meat, Pasta, Seafood and Shellfish) and Desserts. Again, there is no limit to the number of recipes you may submit. Our editors will select the recipes to be included in the book, and try to make sure every submitting chef and facility is represented. Usually, only duplicate recipes are rejected.

These recipes must be adapted for home use. Please reduce large-scale recipes down to serve a smaller number of diners. Most home cooks in this country prefer to work in cups, pounds and tea or tablespoons rather than grams and liters!
We publish our recipes by first listing the ingredients, and then the step-by-step process of preparation.
It is always helpful if the chef makes some recommendations on how to plate and serve a dish.
Please explain any unusual steps or nomenclature. We include a glossary of terms used in the book for home cooks who may be unfamiliar with some terms.
Where appropriate, we welcome a chef’s wine recommendations for a dish. You can be general (“a nice merlot”) but it is always better to specify a vintage (“The ’01 Pepper Bridge Walla Walla Valley Merlot”).
By all means utilize special and local ingredients. Just remember that these books are sold nationwide and people in other regions of the country may not have access to fresh abalone or other Pacific coast delicacies. If possible, suggest substitutions or explain where a home cook may be able to find an ingredient.

Golf a la Carte is a full-color book and we will need good digital photos to accompany your recipe(s). We prefer the ease of digital photographs.
All photos must be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) which is required for good quality print reproduction.

Some chefs send us photos of the finished dish. Others send us images of the golf facility, clubhouse, hotel or inn. Still others send us photos of the golf course at their facility. Any and all of these are acceptable, and we like the variety of shots that appear in the book.

Having a good photo is not required for a recipe to be included in the book. But good visual images always are helpful and may ensure your dish makes it to the final printed book.

We have decided that with this second volume, we will include a section of the book listing all the submitting chefs with brief biographies and a head shot photo.
Therefore, please submit a brief bio of yourself, including any advance degrees or certifications, a listing of other clubs, resorts or restaurants where you have worked, your educational background, and perhaps some personal information, including anything that may relate to golf.

Also include a digital photo of yourself (300 dpi please).

Click here for the Online recipe submission form  or
you may email your recipe to us at

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